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Babylon Boyz is a raw, frank, unflinching portrayal of young adults in crisis. At first, they assume that Theon set fire to the castle, until they see the dead Ironmen. All children in the community have the same hair styles and the same clothing. In The Secret History of the Lord of Musashi, Tanizaki represents fantasy and reality as irreconcilables and portrays man as hopelessly abandoned between them. For example, he stole his brothers blessing and in the process tricked his father (Genesis 27). In 1983, Gray appeared in the part of an American ambassador's aide in Amazon products under 50 Killing Fields, Roland Joffe's feature film about the Khmer Rouge reign of terror in Cambodia after the Vietnam War. So, in this chapter, Buck is becoming more and more wild and only his love for Thornton holds him in the modern world. Taste allows you to experience the sensation of food and other substances.

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