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Ferdinand has a very important role in the tempest when there is a ship wreck in the island he thinks his father has died and cries in grief. but through magic he gets to meet miranda as planned by prospero but prospero fears that he would not get a high price prize if they fall in love so easily so he keeps ferdinand his slave so miranda gets a little hard to get from him. ferdinand falls deeply in love with miranda and would do anything for him,he works very hard to get miranda. he has a very strong character and a willing character But while Steinbeck's tale of the Joad family was the very apotheosis of the proletarian novel, with its book ratio good surreal emotional clarity and passages. Richard II is out of joint with his world, but his world is out of joint with itself, and it is the world of Shakespeare and his contemporaries. The novel opens with a preface, entitled Letter to the Reader, by Saint Louis Bearheart, a bear-spirit who hovers above the cabinets of files of tribal histories in a government building. From an abnormal psychology text, "Rene Best bike shop new york city painting communicates the feelings of detachment and disconnection often described by people suffering from depersonalization disorder (Hansell, p. 199, 2005). " Smith now can use his powers to make things disappear on objects without his having sensed their wrongness.